Is it this tweet true? UK citizens what kind of hard knock life y’all living.

BJ's public idiocy is still a media spin to hide he's just another upper class elitist twat just like the rest of the Tories. BJ is a university educated man who has had a successful political career he's not stupid like he presents himself he's just a horrible person who's good at managing the media.

Trump isn't that Trump idiocy and lunacy is his true self, Trump is just a rich arsehole who fell upwards due absurd levels of inherited wealth. The man is barely literate as seen via his tweets, and has a poor grasp on reality see the "can we get UV light and bleach into the lungs" comment.

However it's important to note Trump at doing whatever it is that built him his following but I don't think he knows what he's doing he's just very very talented at it and does it to compensate for no higher thoughts just fast and quick self corrections based on feedback via brute force not understanding. BJ is very much a worse, untalented but educated/learned version of that same thing.

Now both are truly horrible people but BJ will run his country into the ground for self gain, Trump will do that because he's an idiot and is to stupid to even grift successfully.

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