Twenty prosecutors from major cities across the U.S. are touring Portugal this month to learn about the successful implementation of the country’s drug decriminalization law. They will also spend time in Germany observing how criminal justice reform in general can combat mass incarceration.

AFAIK this is how its handled almost everywhere in Europe. For example here in Germany there are many free Methadone programs available in every big city.

I work in a office in the center of Berlin, so I see some junkies on a weekly basis. Many of them will have rapidly declining health, but I also often see the results of government work. Some ask for help by the government and then they are put into programs, have a apartment after a while and get enough money to afford healthy food etc. They are usually gone from the streets in a couple of months. It seems to be cheaper than to have a junkie epidemic, it makes the country undoubtedly way more safe than the US for everybody.

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