Twice this week random guys try to turn knobs an open doors. My girls are here alone sometimes so I got them a weapon. I bet he won’t do it again.

I'd have handled it by getting noticeably angry with the guy in an attempt to intimidate the perp (that's the appropriate name), used my phone to snap a pic of him, and called the police to report attempted B&E, since what the guy did falls under B&E laws in most jurisdictions.

I get that OP may have reasons to not do those things (eg. cops wouldn't respond), but he didn't specify any. It looks to me like that perp left without having a reason to not try again later on in the same hour, or maybe the next 2 minutes in the same building.

Of course a True leftie would have given him $50 and a pat on the back for having endured a hard-scrabble life wot led him to these terrible life circumstances where B&E-burglary is the only choice left to him.

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