[Twitter] Dan Stapleton (IGN executive editor of reviews) defends Sony's censorship policy

This isn't a fair take. The user is saying how it isn't surprising, given the devout Christian culture, not supporting the removal. Other posts were saying this is a waste of resources for the court and that this is unconstitutional, and that most people don't care about Jesus being depicted as gay.

One reply to the comment you linked also said as much


You're being downvoted because you either didn't read the comment you replied to, or simply projected your own (wrong) interpretation onto it. They didn't say censorship was okay, they said they weren't surprised by Brazil's reaction. That also doesn't mean they support the reaction.

One post even talked about how this shows that while most censorship comes from the left, the right can also censor.


This is a nice reminder by the way. We have been dominated by leftist government and lack of freedom for a while but now that there are conservatives in every government sphere we can see that the other side doesn't give a shit about freedom of expression. Neocons are basically social justice warriors wrapped in bible and country flag.

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