Twitter Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Refusing to Remove Child Porn Weeks After Purging Right-Wing Accounts

There is a few things that us The people can do.. First and foremost, delete these damn social media accounts... Twitter has 330 million users and they are still losing money quarter over quarter.. What would happen if all Trump voters some 70 million deleted their account.. Thats about 21-22% of its user base.. You think the investors who are supporting this company would bail? You bet your ass they would and it would all but shut the doors on twitter. Thats not even taking into account that twitter has this year has gained users but brought in less money.. Then lets add the trump effect onto twitter. There was a good amount of users who were there for trump only.. Now that twitter nailed that coffin shut I can't see how they could even reasonably drive profits up when users will be going down.. If we the people walked away from social media this shit show would all but be shut down. Until we take a stand they will be more powerful then ever. I ditched Facebook back in 2011 when I felt they invaded my privacy back then.. They only have gotten hungrier since.. They need user data to survive. The more they know about you the more its worth tom them to sell.. It kills me when people talk about their privacy and then go and use Facebook and the likes.. Its like any bit of privacy you had is out the window. Walk away!

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