Twitter moves to ban 'dehumanizing' language toward religious groups

If you think US tech companies and the CIA/NSA aren't in bed just as much as Chinese tech companies and their government are in bed, you're kidding yourself.

Social Media platforms have been totally weaponized in today's age.

Even back in the 1970's, dozens of journalists were on the CIA payroll. Now, it's just a new platform of control. And, just like in the 1970's, there's no hard proof, so there's no way to know for sure.

The only way to really know, is that we know if the CIA/NSA didn't have some level of control over social media, it would leave the USA at a disadvantage in the age of information warfare... so it's a pretty good bet they have control... just like over the News stations.

CNN and Fox will pretend to do partisan bickering. But the second it comes to invading Iraq, they drop it like it's hot, and tout the same pro-War line. Or if it's about surveillance, they're both for it.

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