Twitter urged to suspend Trump after president accused of sharing "propaganda" and "hate speech" over Omar attack: Trump posted 'a video showing Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar intercut with footage of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.'

The biggest terrorist attack in my country (NZ) was the direct result of hatred towards Muslims. That was only 1 month ago. This tweet by President Trump risks increasing anti-Muslim sentiment, and he made it without a second thought despite the Christchurch attack showing exactly where that negative sentiment can lead. It definitely makes his words after Christchurch seem hollow.

If he doesn't agree with her that's fine, but showing footage of an emotional and terrible event like 9/11 alongside one of the most prominent Muslims in the US is at the very best completely idiotic. There are 327 million people in the US and all you need for an attack similar to the one in Christchurch is one idiot on the edge of carrying out an attack to see this tweet and mistake it as the President agreeing with their world view. The leader of a country should be able to choose their words and actions more carefully.

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