Two different Harvey rescue boats travelled across this mini van.

Most of your examples are things people pay in taxes because of laws and regulations saying so,

Child labor was because laws and regulations where passed ending it, it existed right up until those laws where passed and it exists in many places where those laws don't exist.

People don't smoke around children because most places its against the law or regulated in doing so,

The Public education system exists because of laws and regulations passed creating it,

Deepwater Horizon is exactly the reason why Nuclear is heavily regulated, because we know if something has fewer regulations allowing them to bypass them it's more likely to result in an accident, that is exactly what happened with deepwater, they weren't regulated to have things that would have completely prevented the accident, it wasn't as if those things would have broken the bank or even effected their profits, they saved a few cents per year per gallon.

People do care, but it's taken regulations and laws for those things to actually happen.

Before them you can see just from statistics the low if not non existence practices to give or prevent those things.

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