Two doomed scene kids surviving in the shadow of the world's end in 920London Image graphic novel

I feel like you're creating an artificial divide between "Superheroes" and "Indy"

If I posted an announcement for some self published cape story featuring and made by nobody anybody had ever heard of here, it probably wouldn't just naturally gravitate towards the top of the upvote chain or anything. And make no mistake, there are many such titles out there.

By contrast if Bendis announced he was writing a new Star Wars title or something, that would gather a lot of interest really quickly. Star Wars is a big recognizable brand, and Bendis a well known writer people have a lot of opinions about.

Your gripe seems to be that every relative unknown isn't treated the same as Batman, but that's why Batman is Batman.

Like look at this one.

This is a DC publication and everything. It's not even Indy. But it's some unknown author writing unknown characters and the difference in upvotes between that and the threads you listed you could count on one hand.

Go figure there's a reason corporations care about recognizable brands like that.

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