Two elephants reach out in a brief moment of love

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Shirley and Jenny: Two Elephants Reunited After More Than 20 Years 219 - Here's a somewhat relevant video of two elephants being reunited after a long time apart which might lift your spirits
Disney's "Dumbo" - Baby Mine 61 - It reminds me of the end of this scene with Dumbo and his mom when he has to leave her.
Elephant at work 5 - These are just working elephants in India. They're treated like horses or oxen in other countries and are treated humanely. They use voice commands to direct them. What you're seeing is two blue color guys high-fiving each other at the shift chang...
Elephant at work in India 2 - From the picture you can see these are working elephants in India. They are used much like horses to haul lumber in the forest or used on construction sites. They are generally treated humanely but as work animals. They probably know each other an...
Don't eat the Tunafish 1 - Fuck them, they taste good. Reminds me of the old Denis Leary bit...
Indian Elephants - Ganges - BBC 1 - Also, the relationship between the working elephants of India and the Mahouts is thousands of years old. It's not pretty but imagine they're viewing our herds of trapped beef cattle in feeding lots in Kansas somewhere. They aren't treated great, bu...
Haddaway - What is Love + Lyrics 1 -

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