Two NYPD officers in Brooklyn are in critical condition after being ambushed.

These goddamn ASSHOLES have just KILLED TWO INNOCENT police officers, RUINED EVERYTHING progressives, blacks, etc were TRYING to do - POLITICALLY

They weren't even white cops though he didn't seem like he was targeting based on race.

and just added a ton of fuel to racists' fire!!!!

I'll be totally honest with you. I'm in my 30's well educated and I'm seriously considering joining either the KKK or some sort of other organization that pushes for white/male rights. As a white male my gender and race is falling behind in college degree to females (140 to 100) and in jobs.

Simply put I'm sick of other races and genders getting spoon fed and basically handed a decent job and watching them piss it away. If you are a black person and have a clean record you should be a shoe in to law enforcement. You are being specifically targeted for recruitment. Seriously all you need to do is get your shit together and be a decent human. I have to trip over myself both gender and race wise so I don't offend someone.

No one seems to care about my race or gender anymore. I'm honestly to the point where if I see a black male I cross the street or if can't I'm reaching for my handgun. I don't even fucking care anymore if I look racist or whatever.

While people are people your race seems unable to get it's shit together. You have people screaming burn it down and then you go loot your own area. You have people supporting a thug who rushed a cop with a gun. You have a bunch of dumbfuckers supporting this guy.

I'm sorry the guy in New York died but he was fat and had a health condition and was breaking the law.

It isn't because you are black. It is because you are criminal scum. Whites are only going to take so much of this. If you people want a race war be careful what you wish for. It is going to everyone vs you. Asians don't like you. Mexican's don't like you. It isn't just white people. At what point in time do you take a look in the mirror and start accepting responsibly for actions? But hey it is always someone else fault. In the upcoming years I'll probably live to see minority status. I'll look forward to whatever excuse you can muster as to how whitey is keeping you down. It isn't us keeping you down. It isn't us selling drugs to your children. It isn't us murdering you all.

I just don't get it. Until you stop making up the majority of crime expect me to keep crossing the street.

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