Two people offered to buy her a pack of supermarket dye...... she deleted the post...

How can you say that everyone can’t dye their hair at home well? You absolutely can.

A lot of pretty women on YouTube not only cut their own hair, but dye it as well; there’s tutorials on their YouTube channel.

It’s like waxing your eyebrows, you can do that at home, too. Actually, almost 100% of the times I’ve either gotten my eyebrows waxed or a couple threaded, they were butchered; it’s so much easier to just do it yourself, in my opinion. Each time I only asked for a “cleanup”...then looking like some of these, after.

Probably the only thing you may need a professional for is either fillers, Botox, chemical peels, and so on. Even the “lash lift” done at spas for almost $100/each can be done at home multiple times for less than $30. There’s more I can list, if needed.

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