Two questions from an MRA (I promise I am not here to fight)

If you only look at women as possible romantic accessories for your life, you might be feeling entitled to them in a certain way. Well I certainly don't so I guess that is settled.

So obviously no one is talking about you then. Just because you don't do something, doesn't mean you get praise for it, or whatever you're expecting. You don't feel women owe you anything, that's great but as you said some do. So obviously it's true when some people say some MRAs feel entitled to women. Why are you taking it personally when it was never referring to you in the first place. It sure does feel like feminists are generalizing MRAs as a lot of them never mention the word "some". It seems like "MRA" is becoming more of an insult around feminist circles these days. The funny thing is that a lot of feminists think I am looking for cookies for behaving decently. I never said I wanted praise for that. Jumping to conclusions isn't really a good thing.

I don't think looking at feminism like a "problem solver" is going to help you. Right, I get. Feminists do have aims though. Feminism didn't appear for no reason. There are issues women face in the world today.

Yes, but look at the context too. We live in a world where many women and men are simply too afraid to report their rape. For a lot of reasons. That's not a society that can afford to be approaching rape accusations as anything but "guilty until proven innocent" simply for the sake of the real victims who might be too afraid. Until we can demolish the victim blaming and stigmas that already surround rape/rape victims, we can't really change the current approach to those accused. A lot of societal work needs to be done overall, by everyone. To my understanding, are you saying that rape culture must be eliminated if we are to have fair judgement of rape cases? Wow. I sure hope I am not falsely accused by that time. Then again, I don't have sex with strangers so I guess that helps?

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