Two years ago, actual nazis used our beloved winged wheel as their logo, and someone made this beauty in response.

You are working with a lot of assumptions and ignorance

You had to ask what position he was because you couldn't be sure, if that's making up your own mind, then fine. And I'm not going to look back through and give you examples of him being right wing, but look at who he aligns himself with and who sees him as an ally. He hasn't outright given an opinion on typical left/right questions like abortion/LGBTQ/ rights simply to keep people from headlining on him and from painting himself into a corner.

I never said he was a nut, I called him smart compared to those nuts. He knows his audience, but The dude breeds hate and tries to say he wants to narrow the gap by not taking a stand on important issues, which leass his followers to take it as they will and a lot of them seem to agree hes on the side of Republicans. I'm not going to waste my time talking about him anymore, and if you like him, then enjoy him, like what you like. But honestly, take a step back and think about how his shit could be viewed from an actual neutral point of view.

Have a good day.

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