Two years ago, I tried legal weed. 1 year ago, I started a clean and simple review page. This year, I went to an AMAZING growing facility to see where it starts.

Quality is less important to someone newer.

I don't understand, isn't it a critics job to point out the quality of a product?

I also feel you are doing a disservice to your followers with this line of thinking. As someone in a fairly similar situation (only got into weed 3 years ago, have worked at a legal farm for one), I get your point, but it's not well positioned.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the really cheap legal weed is sprayed with pesticides multiple times per week. It is overcloned, over stressed, not well maintained. Sometimes lots go out even when mold was found in the room. Spider mites and thrips are a constant reoccurrence. Big businesses won't afford the downtime on the rooms to properly handle the issues that arise. In turn, they abuse the workers who can't get jobs in regular sectors due to having THC in their system. And there's always a new candidate to take an employee's place.

The quality of the weed is immensely important, for newbies and seasoned stoners alike. Because bad quality means poor growing environments and overworked gardeners. It is part of a much bigger situation than just "this one made me feel giggly and this one made me feel tired."

I will probably have to delete this comment soon, due to a strict no social media communication policy from my company. Which is why others don't hear about these things more. But I strongly felt the need to tell you this, because you call yourself a weed critic. And I assume you have followers. And you all deserve to not be smoking bad quality, possibly tainted products.

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