tyler, dylan, and peter are hanging out with stassie, kendall, and kylie jenner

It does feel an awful lot like he's treating these "relationships" like opportunities rather than out of real feelings. Tyler played hard on HB support during her season, became the most followed BN male contestant. Goes radio silent on HB and BN in general when he's out with Gigi for her pap pics. Tygi ends and he's back to cheerleading for Hannah, talking about his boners on the show, and giving her heart eyes at PCAs. This backfires and people call him out for attention seeking, he drops HB like she's hot and starts making out with Stassie in a club and meeting up at football games with the fucking Jenners.

It could be harmless and he could just be all about these people, but it does seem a little sus. Maybe Stassie heard from Kendall that Gigi said Tyler is great for PR relationships haha.

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