Tyler's response to yesterday's IG post.

Comparing her to a drag queen and turning her picture with makeup on into how she's faking it to try to prove a point to everyone.

It went from "ugh Cate is such a fat slob God she looks like she smells why can't she put some damn makeup on and leave the house" to "ugh cate is sooo pathetic look at her pretending to have fun, she's so sad and desperate oh God she posted videos and pics pretending she was enjoying herself and she looks like a drag queen"

Maybe her makeup made her feel good about herself and maybe she did actually have fucking fun. She took videos and pics and put them on social media just like a million other people do, but people have been ready to crucify her for that. A lot of people have been hateful as fuck about this girl making effort for no reason. Let her live. This might be the dumbest shit that people have caught feelings over on this sub.

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