Tyranids warrior x6 loadout help.

I feel like it’s stronger than people give it credit for. Friends and I sit and theorycraft a lot. And after all the theorycrafting is done, 6 warriors still wins on the table a lot when we play. There are teams we don’t have yet. We haven’t played them into 4 Custodes, or pathfinders or Hunter clade. We have played them into kommandos and wyrmblade and warpcoven and harlies and Druhkari and 14 vet guard.

Usually seek and destroy because it A: fits their strength, and B: seems to deny points to security which people love. Hold the line is an awesome and easy take. Against anything less aggro than 6 warriors. Central control is great. If you can put 5+bodies on the center and not within blast 2 of each other so that you outnumber the 2 warriors that ran in and killed 2-3 models. Damage limitation is great against a team that wants to stare you down and play all concealed all game.

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