Tyreek Hill press conference incoming

The evidence is that a child broke his arm in the house and someone reported abuse. Again as I said above, this is enough to lead to an investigation but not enough to do anything. I don't know if you have kids, but if your kid falls in the house and hurts themself and I report you for child abuse then this whole situation (minus the press conference) would happen to you. They would look into it, ask the kid what happened (but kids often lie or can be pressured into lying) and ask you what happened. If the kid had reported someone abusing him there would be charges, but there isn't. So they THINK there was abuse because they don't believe tyreek and his wife's stories I guess? Again that isn't definitive proof. Anytime a kid breaks their arm in the house they either were playing and fell or had an accident or it was abuse. The DA doesn't know and neither do we.

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