"Tyrone gets a job!" by /u/The_Condominator (crosspost /r/SHHHHHEEEEEEEEIIIITT)

I am currently in the midst of attending a major west coast medical conference that is about 18% niggers. I have seen nigger "doctas" get loud because they couldn't get a ticket in a particular lecture, or they couldn't get a Coke instead of a water...these are coons with MDs and DOs!

That's right, your medical schools and mine in this degenerating country we call the USA has hyped up it's diversity nonsense to a point that general medicine has become increasingly nigger fuxated. And just think, under O'niggercare, the family practice guys are going to be the gatekeepers of your care....and many of them will be monkeyshines. Many of these baboons are reveling in the fact that non-physician administrators will be making the life and death decisions that doctors used to make. NOW I REALIZED WHY! And human doctors that I know well who are in practice are SICK to death over this for their patients and themselves.

There is a pressing effort in the USA to highly-infiltrate the medical schools and residencies in Family Practice, especially, with niggers. You see, the vast majority of these baboons have very limited clinical skills, and as such, they NEED a governmental program to tell them how to practice. Since niggers have heavily infiltrated the government and the Health Care Finance Administration, Medicaid, and other agencies, they are wrestling control from the powers that be. And in some cases, the "actors" are relinquishing control to the "diversity developers" who are literally handing healthcare over to the niggers. And in California, this situation is extremely pervasive. The undercurrent I am hearing in "the business" is that the ACA (Affordable Care Act...O'niggercare) bankrupts many small businesses, IS driving real physicians to retire early, or better yet, quit, leaving hospitals and clinics in a lurch. The problem is, human doctors don't "stick together" and watch each other's backs like the monkeyshine "witch doctas" do....if they did, O'niggercare would have been only a figment of a nightmarish imagination. Many docs are saying, under their breath, that the ACA will die on the vine...and that care will be rationed, and that people, especially the elderly, and very young workers, will suffer from early death and lower incomes, respectively. We are more than halfway through its implementation. It is definitely fuxating the doctor-patient relationship. And it's only going to get worse...

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