u/Alexdoh's hole

I mean I know I'm 25 haha, so thanks?

Yeah that's almost exactly what I did, but I don't do it to people who disagree with me, cause then I'd never get anything else done.

Nah you're different, youre a special kind of stupid. Like a real special kind, narcisstically stupid, you think you're superior and you think things that literally are untrue and no one else would agree with. I don't do this to everyone, you pissed me off a lot yeah, cause stupid people who think they're insanely smart really piss me off.

I mean whatever man, you are an utter cock and many people would agree about that. Learn how to conduct yourself, conversational structure etc.

I'm guessing you probably have some form of autism, so I'm sorry for giving you so much shit now I think about it. It's out of your control probably.

Have a good day friend, and remember to try and react better when someone says something you don't like OK? Don't try being mean and assuming they're possessing traits that they don't because they don't get your reference or something, just don't be cock. Ok buddy?

Good luck out there man, it'll get easier.

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