/u/AryanEmbarrassment notifies an intrepid landlord that he shot himself in the foot by providing details

I would be so upset if I came into any kind of windfall of money, inherited or otherwise, because it’d mean I’d have to come to Reddit and defend landlords and boomers and billionaires for no reason. Other than I vaguely want to be one, or that at least I’m more comfortable with them in charge because they’re less likely to want to take away my smaller, but still substantial fortune.

I would be so, so salty about that. Because all these poor people wouldn’t like me for absolutely no reason at all besides the fact that they’re jealous of me. And like. What’s their problem? They ought to be happy for me that I’ve become one of the haves, and left their have-not lifestyle behind me. I would be super salty about the fact that they get a Reddit account with the same weight of credibility as anyone else’s, meaning people don’t know to automatically discount their opinion as mere jealousy. What kind of system is that anyway. Anyone criticizing wealth or the wealthy is a saltmine, and that’s all there is to it. I would hate if I had a bunch of those people coming at me pretending like they’re in-principle opposed to inherited wealth just because they don’t have any inherited wealth. I assume.

What a miserable existence that would be. Beset by salty morons who are jealous. Who don’t understand that when it makes good business sense, you should definitely be able to summarily evict tenants in good standing. Especially if they have small children. Because they’re not profitable children, and that means they’re not worth the paper their names are printed on in the bogus lawsuit I’m bringing against them to try and harass them out of their legally occupied home.

Imagine that.

An innocent rich person. Attacked by poors all day for no reason. No thanks! Who’s got the time and patience for it.

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