/u/Chemical_Castration grew up as a Jehovah's Witnesses and explains how the leaders of the religion protect thousands of pedophiles from legal prosecution.

The wikipedia article I just read seems to point to a few cases, almost none of them happened in the USA, and most of those cases were handled on a local level. Like I said this is an organization with many, many millions of people across the globe, if those are the only instances it's far less than the general population. In that sense I'm not sure how it's something unique to their faith.

The most important takeaway though is JWs aren't required to report this stuff to elders, even the spokesperson in the wikipedia article says people are encouraged to call the police if something illegal happens to you, you don't have to let them know you called the police or give them any private details about yourself with regard to the matter. What this looks like to me is reddit circlejerking over how religion is bad, then trying to find any instance where they can attribute something negative to everyone who shares that faith.

I'm an atheist, no fan of religion, but I'm also not a gullible asshole who looks for reasons to degrade large groups of people who disagree with me by comparing them to the worst that faith has to offer.

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