u/Erbedamart explains the more nefarious reason why the Trump campaign picked Four Seasons Landscaping

Here's a copy of the original post:

Yes but no. It is much darker than you think.

The press conference had a key witness Daryl Brooks. He's the guy who had a story to tell that confirmed the "ballot fraud" narrative. He checks a few key boxes. He's black. He looks working class. And he supposedly witnessed improper stuff.

Now Trump announced the Four Seasons as a venue. It was always going to be the Four Seasons IH in Philly.

But they suddenly realized one thing: the FSIH in Philly has 3 schools within a 2 block radius. And Daryl Brooks cannot be close to schools BECAUSE HE DID TIME FOR EXPOSING HIS JUNK TO CHILDREN. Paedophile ex-convict Daryl Brooks is a registered sex offender and couldn't show his face in downtown Philly.

That's why they scrambled a new venue.

I can see the discussion taking place:

"Daryl, we're on for the four seasons. The prez announced it."

"Sure thing. Where is That?"

"Downtown Philly"

"Any schools closeby?"

"Why you say that?"

"I can't be close to schools"

"Why is that?"

"I showed my junk to kids and now I can't be close to schools"

"Fuck me! (checks Google maps) Oh shit: 3 schools nearby. Fuck fuck fuck. (checks Google maps again) wait, there's another Four Seasons. Not a hotel. I'll let the boss know."

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