u/FreeSpeechWarrior discovers that admins are privately scoring subs based on how much they censor. They retaliate for this transparency and ban him from r/modhelp.

I can see it happening in a crypto state, but bureaucrats are never efficient, they are after their own jobs, same way the DEA makes a big deal out of weed. No matter what, doctors aren't cheap. There's different ways to deal with it, for instance obesity is rising and it's the most easily fixable preventable problem, yet people will not be incentivized to lose weight if they get free health care. Before healthcare I think that food, something we must have, probably daily is way more important. Healthy food should be provided before health services as a logistical standpoint to prevent the problems before it becomes a problem and for better health. Being online is way different than making sure throughout the world nobody is dumping in java, botswana, arctic circle, or wherever the mh370 is. You need to detect all these dumpers and sufficiently punish them, which I don't think is possible at the moment, or ever. Someone on the ivory coast doesn't care that their dumping will cause the mediterranean fish to die. We can chip everyone. it it doesn't mean we can track what they do. The only way to enforce it sufficiently is to keep people in mega cities, but that leads to apathy (if you never seen rat paradise aka "behavior sink" check it out, it's our future) and so it seems the best way would be just to learn to clean up shit. I like the idea of a government that is controlled by the people, is not corrupt and who I can trust, I like the idea of socialism but I see no real way to do it without a crypto state which probably won't happen for a long time. I like the idea of social credits in China and I would like it to work, just not under China.

In our old age, we may see o'neil colonies, all lead by dictators, who show stewardship of their property, as the peak of governance!

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