/u/IAMA_dragon-AMA goes up against /r/GirlGamers about GamerGate and apathy!

And here I am, hopelessly optimistic that GG drama will go away if I keep downvoting things that mention it.

Don't worry /u/IAMA_dragon-AMA. I do the same thing when GG comes up but I have learned how pointless it is to say anything that isn't how "evil" GG is.

They love beating this horse and it died a long time ago. Zoe Quinn and Eron 'what'shisname' are just random people whose stories caused some controversy that still isn't clear after all this time. Why are people still making articles about them? It's pathetic how these 'journalists' love to make this click-bait these days. Just mention GamerGate, feminism, misogyny in gaming, etc and you'll get so many hits! It's overdone to the point that they're just repeating themselves; how /r/GirlGamers still loves going on about GamerGate I have no idea. I'm not saying they shouldn't discuss the topics I mentioned but when they're just linking the same GamerGate articles over and over it's just pointless and surprising to me that it still gets upvoted despite it being the same Zoe Quinn nonsense that has been talked about for, what, years now?

You're right about each side screaming at each other. I don't often visit /r/KotakuInAction but they seem to be more reasonable and are actively trying to improve video games 'journalism' and discuss things properly. While on the other side we have people from /r/GamerGhazi and to a lesser extent /r/GirlGamers (some of the userbase may overlap anyway) that just read 'GamerGate' and think "mob of misogynistic harassers" or "hate group" and love to go on and on about how horrible they are. All they're doing is putting a label on the harassers but in doing so they fail to be open to any discussion and essentially are just 'screaming' at the other side, whereas most GamerGate related people that I have seen actually want to have a discussion and aren't these horrible misogynists that they are wrongfully labeled as.

To quote /u/Hashmir:

Not GamerGate per se, but the exact same cultural milieu that gave rise to it. The people and trends involved in GamerGate have been in gaming culture for years; GamerGate just gave it a proper name.

This post stuck out to me. It really seems to explain why so many of these users see GamerGate as the enemy, because they can now give the harassers a proper name! Unfortunate for all the people that support GamerGate but are against harassment, now they're stuck with this label and are continuously referred to as a hate group when they're the ones I see trying to discuss these topics with the people that disagree with them but those that disagree keep on refusing to discuss it.

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