U.N. audience laughs at Donald Trump

Briefly: He was COO of a big company. After years of being surrounded by yes-men he thought he was hilarious (they guffawed at every joke). He thought he was impervious. Tried meth. Became a raging meth head and blew his daughter’s college education fund and had three mortgages and expensive cars (all financed) to keep up image. After we separated he lived a hidden gay life. Lied about everything (in a very progressive family).

Found dead by housekeeping in a skeevy motel room by LAX, of arrhythmia brought on by meth, taken one too many times.

Family discovered all the ugliness (there’s a lot more) after his death. We are still reeling. Recovering from financial catastrophe. Thank goodness daughter had a 4.12 GPA. She’s okay and that’s all that matters.

Fuck him and all his lies. All his stupid unfunny jokes. Nobody’s laughing now, asshole. His ashes are next to my garbage can in the garage and it’s a weekly fight to not dump them in.

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