U.S. blocks more than 1,000 solar shipments from China over slave labor

The US has mass detention too,

So now sending people to prison for crimes is the same as just rounding up millions of innocent people just because they are Muslims?

I will accept research if it's unbiased, not the bullshit ASPI pulls. I acknowledge bad shit China does

But you have suggested that ANYONE that investigates China is biased against China and thus you won't accept.

You brought about the worst source lmao, just check this out if you want.

Name me ONE source that has never received criticism? LOL, you are just going to find any reason to ignore all sources.

And your link just says that those accused criticized Amnesty International! Wow, shocking!

I have pointed out where you are wrong multiple times, I cannot help you see anymore

After your sources were proven to be so bad they are banned from twitter you now say you proved me wrong?? LOL!

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