U.S. Citizens, what do you care more about currently, inflation/food and gas prices, or the jan 6th hearings?

In the grand scheme of things, the romp in the swamp is largely political theatre to make sure Trump isn't allowed to run again. it's going to change very few, if anybody's mind. Folks just need their Trump fix, and it's another Hail Mary move to try and save a few seats going into the November midterms.

But the problem is, if Trump's not allowed to run in 24, that clears the way for De Santis, who would be a shoe-in. Democrats have nobody who can take him on. Sanders? Klobuchar? Buttigieg? At least if Trump runs again, there's a chance for the same showing of 'anybody but Trump' voters as there were in 2020. But if he doesn't? It's GOP all the way.

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