U.S. does not join plastic waste agreement signed by 187 countries

Yes. While it's true that corporations need to change, and this probably needs to be due to change at a government/political level, individuals play an important role.

The best thing you can do is create a market for environmentally friendly products. Corporations won't change to glass bottles if consumers won't cover the extra costs - and governments aren't going to force them to change if it means their voters miss out on their favourite consumables. So what you can do is intentionally buy products that are packaged responsibly.

Write to companies, saying things like "I used to buy your bread but because of its packaging I have switched to this brand. Can you please let me know if you have any plans to address your packaging? As your brand remains my favourite bread, but I can no net justify purchasing it"

Reusable shopping bags are good, because they create a change in practise. Single use plastic is bad. Reusing plastic is bad but slightly better. I'm really interested to see the impact of banning single use plastic bags at a cultural level. If it becomes normal to carry a bag around to take home groceries, can it become normal to carry around containers to bring home takeaways?

When cultural change happens, that's when corporations can cut plastic more freely "we could pack these carrots in plastic bags, but most consumers are bringing there own produce bags to reuse so instead let's save money"

But you changing your own habits and practises, and then vocalising that to corporations and government, is a great place to start.

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