U.S. Marshals arrest protester accused of defacing CNN, damaging police cruiser

That's too bad. CNN is a big part of the reason we have to look to a failure pig like Joe Biden as the next big hope to extend societies chance of survival from 1 year and we'll be too fucked to fix it to 3 years and well be too fucked to fix it, but HEY!

Nothing to beat greed and capitalist dystopian nightmares like boosting a mentally deficient well-documented liar who can't get through 2 sentences of a teleprompter without confusing himself. CNN Lied, subverted, and altered information during the campaign to ensure Joe Biden was the only person who'd be up for the nominationn

Joe Biden, who, apart from Trump, is the next candidate the rich people wanted to have in power because he will protect their investment just as well.

I hope we all get a taste of just how fucking stupid we are for allowing the media to make us think that the only options are between 2 people who will prioritize the wealthy and the status quo over everything else. and in that "else" american lives will only be as significant to the media/government as the amount of money they contribute to society, not that it's much different today, but in a year we'll have 2 choices: submit or die.

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