U.S. State Department concerned by Poland's decision to fine the private TV broadcaster

Obama was also concerned. The first thing Poles did were the same thing the UK did when Obama mentioned Brexit - "look at your own damn country." As if zero room to talk ever if you have major crises going on in your own country and instead of taking it as word of caution as a friend, it's taken as an insult.

Obama was right that Brexit was bad for Britain. Obama was right that there are concerns (that's about all he ever said, that was enough to trigger people) about certain Polish ambitions.

Guess who else has the same feelings? Canada. The difference is we're to coward to say anything as to ruin the nice guy everyone likes image.

But it is concerning and we care because Poland is becoming such a great country, we don't want to see a true democracy turning it's back on it's own core principals. It's not an attack, it's a concern.

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