U.S. Supreme Court ends federal residential eviction moratorium

  1. It shouldn't be there only income source, it can be, in my world view it shouldn't be but I know in reality it is for many. These owners didn't buy these houses to live in, these were there investments, when 99% of investments fail the government doesn't bail them out or anyone else unless your wall street, statistically speaking as well, these renters are working, the vacancies your referring to are strictly for bottom of the bottom wages, which should rightfully remain open, you can't survive on 7.50 am hour.
  2. What better opportunities came over the past 18 months. Unless they fomod all there money into the stock market, even working they probably came out the past 18 months with less money, from first hand my hours were increased and I was cut 25% and forced to do more. And I was a lucky one in my field.

Again I'll repeat, government opened up funds for home owners, this included in undertaking renovations. in fact the fund for owners is nearly 3 times larger then the one for renters assistance. Many didn't take it because it gave stipulations that they couldn't evict, many of these owners refuse to take it simply because they'll lose out on money in this house needing market at the moment and they would be losing out on upcharging rent, the assistance is there. Many refuse to take is simply because they want to make more money in 6 months rather then help now. They can do that, but then they can't complain about being hung out to dry.

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