The U.S. would like to loosen border restrictions. ‘We’re not there yet,’ Justin Trudeau says

My mom lives in Taiwan. She has no idea when they will get any vaccines.

But life is essentially back to normal there. People eat out, movies, events. Life is back to 2019 level except that you are required to wear a mask on public transport. Otherwise no mask needed. No other restrictions aside from quarantine when entering the country. Even wearing a mask on public transit is not a big deal. Many people are used to wear masks anyways. Outdoor pollution has been a problem, and people there (and other parts of Asia too) have a habit of wearing a mask if they are sick.

So yeah, the lack of vaccine isn't that huge of a deal.

But considering how there is a global semiconductor shortage, and Taiwan is one of the two major chip producers in the world, the Taiwanese government should really be more forceful about "trading" semiconductors for vaccines.

I don't know anything about New Zealand, but from everything I read their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a very competent leader and just a good human in general. Seems like the Kiwis are in good hands.

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