U/tjer explains the gender transition process in children and why preventing it is harmful

I agree with everything u/tjer said.

The only restriction I am for is 18+ for genital replacement/permenant surgeries, none for minors. Many countries put restrictions on surgical operations on minors because they believe it violates human rights.

Even France just recently banned hijab wearing for under 18 and that violates a minority groups culture, but that government feels young women forced to partake in that part of their culture are loosing their rights.

Idk whose right. I've always felt that by protecting the rights and freedoms of one minority group always infringes on another minority group. We just have to do the best we can to strive for equality. It's kinda hard for me to support a genital/permenant procedure if you need a permission slip from your parents. But all other forms of gender transitioning to help prevent unnecessary deaths and promote equality I'm game.

The only other thing about OPs comments about Trans gender kids' high suicide rate for not transitioning is, many of these restrictive law makers are hoping for that outcome. They have been explicitly prejudice towards that community and I'm sure that's the outcome they're hoping for.

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