UBC frat council votes to require all members to attend yearly workshops on healthier masculinity

Here are some bits of cherry picked information from the "Sexual Violence on Campus Fact Sheet" put together by the Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario. This information is from 2015, but id imagine most of the information would still be similar today.

One in five women experience sexual assault while attending a post-secondary institution.

Although women can and are perpetrators of sexual violence, men are disproportionately the instigators and perpetrators of sexual assault and violence, most often against women. While the vast majority of incidents go unreported, women account for nine out of ten police reported sexual assaults in Canada.

In nearly all cases of sexual violence against women, the abusers are male

Young women experience the highest rates of sexual violence in Canada. The police-reported rate of sexual assault against women aged 18 to 24 is twice the rate for women aged 25 to 34, and four times higher than women between 35 and 44.

According to a 2009 Statistics Canada General Social Survey, 70 per cent of self-reported sexual assaults were against women and almost half of all self-reported sexual assaults were against people aged 15 to 24.

This is all from the first paragraph of a three page document. I understand that Reddit skews towards young males, but maybe drop the proxy victim complex, my d00ds There is nothing wrong with the implementation of these harm reduction measures (that was imposed by the frats themselves, not imposed on them). Please commence with attacking my source, which I will provide below.


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