Uber Charged Me for A Previous Passenger's Mess

I have filed an unauthorized transaction claim through my bank and a Better Business Bureau complaint, what else can I do? I'm incredibly frustrated by being fraudulently claimed for someone else's mess!

Uber will try to jerk you around with a series of automated messages and overseas operators who don;t understand English. That is their modus operandi.

Filing a chargeback was the correct thing to do. If you want to really get their attention file a small claims lawsuit for fraud in which you can recover up to triple the amount that you were charged (look up the UCC code) plus court fees. If you have an Uber Greenlight center in your district you only need to have the server (or yourself if the state allows it) deliver it there. Then try to get a newspaper or local weekly reporter interested in you lawsuit.

That will absolutely get Uber's attention and they will get back to you immediately. When they do - attempt to settle for at least 3 times the amount charged plus costs which they almost certainly will do in order to avoid the publicity.

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