Uber Cuts Ambulance Usage And Health Care Costs Across 766 US Cities

Paramedic here. As many others will chime in, people call ambulances for the dumbest things possible. Not everyone needs to call an ambulance if you stubbed your toe, or your tummy hurts.

You get a big bill because it’s a service we provide, and unless you’re physically dying, or about to lose an appendage, than by all means call an Uber. We are equipped to save lives in the event of an emergency. Not because you need a taxi ride to the hospital and have someone sit over your shoulder all because you have a slight fever.

If the general public was aware of how many homeless people call 911 so they can have somewhere to sleep with no actual medical emergency, while you’re waiting in the lobby in pain, there would be an outcry.

And don’t get me started on preventative care. Most EMT/paramedics will tell you, 95% of calls aren’t emergencies and are a waste of time and your money. But we obviously can’t tell you that you’re going to spend $1,000 on a taxi ride for nothing.

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