Uber Under Fire in Hawaii

Uber is a company with no morality. Uber may present things to you, in Hawaii, explaining how they are to your benefit, but their concern is not you, the consumer or their customer.

Their concern is gaining foothold and market share at any cost.

In NYC, they've taken their billions (with a b) in investments and they use they to discount rides, sometimes, to be less than the cost of a yellow cab.

If they drive yellow cab out of business, then they can charge anything they want. They also want to follow, and actively avoid and then fight, any laws that they determine are going to affect their bottom line.

In NYC, our government doesn't have extra millions in advertising or specials. And the yellow cab service is a requirement, it is one of a few ways that you are capable of traveling in the city as a resident.

In other localities, it laughs at the laws in place, requiring permits, registration, insurance, background checks, etc. This has resulted in a number of major incidents with crimes being committed by a "trusted driver" who it turned out didn't even have their background check.

There's often different opinions to the mainland in Hawaii because you have your own unique situation (much like new york city, where you simply cannot own a car most of the time) but let me say it, do some research before you are thinking that regulation of Uber is a bad idea.

Uber will run your buses and regulated cabs out of business if they are allowed and then force you to use them at a higher rate, and then because you all need to use them, throw up their 2x or 3x or 20x multiplier on your fare.

They've gathered an unbelievable amount of investment, and UNBELIEVABLY callous and uncaring and unethical leadership, and they're waging a war of attrition against public institutions whose coffers cannot simply be lined by another round of investment...only by the tax payer, either at the point of payment in the future or in their checks when regulated industry is forced to be bailed out in the future.

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