Ubisoft needs to learn what “full game” means...

Same with PC games, they sneakily raised the 40 dollar price tag (since PC games don't have to pay the extra or tax like they do with consoles hence the reason they were cheaper) to be the same as console games without a reason. Just slowly each publisher poking the hornet's nest at a time and charging console game prices (like Call of Duty after Modern Warfare 4/COD4) and following eachothers' behavior.

Whenever one publisher gets away with something outrageous like overcharging, all the other pubs rush like maniacs to do the same since no one raised a big enough fuss. As soon as they get told and rebelled against they make huge deals and awesome free content for a few years until everyone stops paying attention again.

I wish gamers would realize how EASY it is to get these publishers to give you SO FUCKING MUCH FREE SHIT just if you complain loudly enough. They will literally give you free games, free DLC, cheaper prices and more content for MINIMAL effort (couple of months of talking shit). It's so stupid how people don't see it. Look at Sony, they were awful until the early PS3 stuff got people mad, Capcom is trying their best to give massive free updates and DLC to gamers after screwing up with a few game launches. EA was awesome when they got royally shit on around the time they made games like Mass Effect 1 or Dead Space, before that they were absolutely awful.

You don't even havd to vote with your wallet. Just make them FEAR you're going to, and influencing lots of others to do so too.

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