Ubisoft says avoiding messages is part of making "more mature games"

I don't think that's the issue here. I see some people decrying Ubisoft for 'both-sidesing' political topics, but it feels the problem is more that they 'no-sides' these issues and avoid saying anything at all. It's not like a New Vegas that deftly explores different political points of views and asks the player to come to their own conclusions, instead these events are reduced almost entirely to their aesthetics in a way that feels alien and tone-deaf.

Don't get me wrong, there'd be plenty of outrage directed at Ubisoft if they were genuinely exploring a topic from multiple angles - in recent years it feels like people have come to adopt what I think are frankly bizarre ideological restrictions on the art they consume - but I just can't defend Ubisoft here because it genuinely feels like they're not even trying to say something relevant one way or another.

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