Ubuntu going to remove Qt4

What about it??

Carbon was introduced in incomplete form in 2000, as a shared library backward-compatible with 1997's Mac OS 8.1. This version allowed developers to port their code to Carbon without losing the ability for those programs to run on existing Mac OS machines.

You post a link without actually trying to state your point, exactly like the other person that said "windows 10s" like that's supposed to mean anything? it's really lame.

The APIs are still accessible to developers and all Carbon applications will run, but the APIs will no longer be updated.

Sooo... what am I missing here?

But seriously, what's your problem?

I don't have a problem I don't run debian or ubuntu, nor do I develop using QT so I'm not wasting my time on this pointless exercise in updating programs to qt5. If you were too lazy to read my post I pretty much spelled everything out in there. Wasted productivity hurts us all indirectly at least, and I'm sick of people like you covering your eyes and ears, pretending we don't have a serious problem with backwards compatibility and breakage because toolkit devs want to feel special and important and break everything on a recurring basis. How long are you going to let this go on? Fool me once shame on... you, We can't get fooled again.

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