Uggh !!

At this point, they are awful people. Here's the thing. It's pretty obvious that Republicans are lying and instigating harm. The con has become pretty obvious. So the question is why do they fall for something that is an obvious con. Well any con man will tell you, people fall for cons because they want it to be true so bad they turn off skepticism. That's why you can tell someone they won something and they'll pay you to get it. They want it to be true. But they're scared... Yeah but they want those people to be scary. There's no way around it. They believe horrible because they want horrible things. They lie about it to themselves the same way they lie to you when you argue with them so there really isn't a point. So both sides doesn't everyone do this. Yes we all do it but both sides are not the same. For the stubborn things Democrats believe. Generally they are getting sold a bill of goods based on optimism. So when theyre wrong its cause they have some positive naivete like with guns. You want there to be less violence so you believe something untrue because it promises less violence. What about when Republicans are wrong about guns its often because of they might lose the opportunity to shoot someone. Now I definitely am in the latter category and I don't think I'm wrong but it's pretty easy to look to my right and be like wow people to the right of me want some pretty awful things while the people to the left don't want to be shot and probably are willing to sacrifice too much. I digress. See the truth is not falsifiable so why do people believe false things like racism isn't a big deal. In order for racism not to be a big deal, you have to believe that almost ever black person in America save for a handful of puppets is lying. Millions of people engaged in a conspiracy to lie about history and their experience. Clearly that's like definition of racism. So once someone is like it's not a big deal that republican say racist stuff you can tell immediately that person has a low opinion of minorities. Maybe not you personally as their black friend but definitely a group you belong to not by choice and if you wait long enough they'll prove it. I get it this was long and meandering but look if you think it's safe having those people in your life or around your kids, you are wrong. People that believe bad thing that want for bad things and do not have empathy and are dangerous. The only thing you can do is stop validating the delusion that the hateful things they believe are tolerable, that it's just a difference of opinion, or that you are too weak to do anything about it (it's part of the special fascist delusion). Protect yourself protect your family the light of your conviction for truth is the only thing that beats back the beast.

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