So, uh, how indicative of the mechanical engineering department's culture/mental health state is this week's shooting at UCLA?

Dude don't open this can of worms honestly. The mental health of students is so neglected that I don't even know where to begin. Councelors at the school of engineering are glorified secretaries that basically want to make you stay at UCLA as long as possible to milk you for all the money they can get. There is no personalization in terms of helping you with career goals and undergrads get stifled by the over competitiveness and lack of direction in their life. The fees at the school have become ridiculous, even for residents which puts additional pressure on students. International students that aren't rich chinese students get shafted even harder and are not given any support. Professors are given unrealistic expectations by the administration in terms of grant securing and research, which in turn they pass on to their overworked graduate students, who are trying to juggle research, TA-ing and school. Labs aren't given enough funds to operate with a bit of ease, so professors then try and keep underpaid pre and post docs as long as they can. Some people find ways to deal with this ridiculous environment, such as joining engineering teams which gives you an avenue for career development and sharing your anxiety and thoughts with peers (still kicking myself over not doing that). Some people are lucky and get internships or job offers and basically survive through the rest of college till they get out into the industry. Some people thrive in this environment and are not affected by it. You'll see on linked in people getting jobs and happy graduation and job statuses on Facebook, but you'll remember your less fortunate Japanese friend who had to return to japan because she couldn't find a job fast enough because her visa expired and she ran out of money. You'll remember your friend who worked a year in construction after college because he didn't have a good career plan set up before moving on to consulting. Engineers at UCLA will definitely experience extreme stress, panic, anxiety or depression throughout their tenure as students here. To get to the point where you drive from Minessota to kill someone, I don't know if you can say that that person did not have more severe mental health issues. Discussing mental health in the wake of a shooting which happened to involve a professor feels almost weird. This has been a problem for so long, and it has affected tens of thousands of students. It's indicative if how much the engineers have kinda given up on feeling happy sometimes; when you present them with the above problems they'll just shrug and say "eh that's how it always has been, you just have to get through it".

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