Uh-oh! Sharon's in trouble!

I think it's kinda interesting you're trying to 'rationalize' what he did by saying "you probably would do that too!!" No, I definitely wouldn't. I can say undoubtedly at least 60% of the people in this country wouldn't. And you saying like... in a DIFFERENT state of mind... doing all these SUBSTANCES is just absurd, because the fact is, most people are never going to end up in that situation. And hypotheticals like that are meaningless, because they are so far removed from reality it's impossible to really even answer them: "Well, if you grew up in a deeply homophobic environment with a possibly not too hot home life, were closeted all the way through high school and then fled to New York and then started doing all these hard, crazy drugs..." like that's just so absurdly different from what everybody is actually doing with their lives that there's no meaningful, realistic, or substantial answer to that, or purpose in considering it. "If you were an alien..." How the hell would I know? My existence would be radically different. I wouldn't be the same person.

And I feel like hypotheticals by nature involve you being asked a question where you, as the very person you are, are put in a situation without your action or consent (does that make sense?). "What would you do if you were framed with the murder of Angel?" I could answer, because I'm still the same person in that hypothetical. "What would you do after you killed Angel?" is different because that hypothetical requires you to assume the persona of someone who would do that, and the answer you would give wouldn't really be genuine.

Does all that make sense? I'm typing on my phone lol

And regarding Alig's "rehabilitation"; I still don't trust him. He can live the rest of his life peacefully if he wants, and good for him, but that doesn't mean I'd trust him. Like others have said, prison is FAR from offering the intense therapeutic services somebody like him would need.

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