UHC 20 Episode 7 Predictions

Had this come to me while sick and half asleep. Leftovers spots New People come over a hill, and hides behind trees and aren't spotted, so they pot up and prepare an ambush. New People don't see it coming and walk right by. Kurt leads off with a lava bucket on Sevadus, then switches to his sword and kill Chad before he can turn. Arkas duels Aureylian 1v1 and kills her. Doc hits Sevadus a few times as he dies to Lava damage from Kurt, but pays for it as Coe manages to kill him. Arkas finishes off Coestar to wipe another team out.
Nancy Drew tries to camp the end portal, since they don't have the blaze rods to get into the END, but with NP down and Reddit seemingly trapped, no one seems to be coming. However, Kurt and Arkas have the eye on them, but are waiting it out, hoping team Reddit will show up to even the odds. Meanwhile team Reddit can't find the fortress and tries to leave only to find they got jacked. BTC deduces that if they head to where they last spotted Baj, they might be able to find their way out, which is successful. They incorrectly deduce that it was ND's portal and ND must have gotten the supplies they need for the dragon, which is why they didn't fight them. They head in hoping it's not too late to stop them, only to find them milling around near the portal.
Shots erupt between the two teams, and it's clear Pause has the advantage, plucking off a bunch of hits with his Flame bow. Reddit thinks they need to back off or die, but they manage to get in some hits themselves as Baj gets shot by Pakratt, only for Pause to take back with a kill on Pakratt, followed by Guude nailing BTC. At this point Vechs and Nebris are both low and they back off. Kurt and Arkas, who were still camping and watching ND, and the fight, pounce. Two decisive shots from the flank and Pause is down, shot by Kurt. Now exposed, Guude is shot by Arkas before he can get to cover, which Beef manages to do. Nebris and Vechs turn back around realizing the fight has turned. They spot Leftovers and try and get in range to shoot them down. They get the drop on Leftovers, but Health potions are too good in an arrow battle, so Leftovers survives. Unfortunately Beef pokes his head back out to shoot as well, and All 3 players manage to nail Arkas to the floor with arrows, Nebris getting the Kill. Nebris however, gets shot by Kurt. Now in a 1v1v1, Kurt moves forward on Vechs, out of sight of Beef. Beef runs in to try and clean up. Vechs pins Kurt on a tree with arrow fire, but Kurt potions up and charges down Vechs and kills him with his sword. He manages to down his last health potion right as Beef comes over the hill nearby and plucks him with an arrow. Beef then charges toward Kurt and the two collide. Beef hits Kurt and Kurt hits Beef, Beef dies and Kurt is left at 1/2 a heart and a double kill against every other team.

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