UHC Community Post - April 02, 2015

I refreshed the post maybe a 10 minutes before the game to see it was still there. When not being able to get into the To2, I tried to jump on into it, when I saw no one on the EU UHC's. This caught me by surprise a little, so went to see if there was an issue. Refreshed it again to see it was gone. This is not the first time I have seen this. It is maybe the 5th?

Tell me who and I will sort it. That should have never happened an I apologise that it did. Rarely should that EVER happen and tbh I never knew that did happen - but how often to reddit games just get deleted 30 seconds before whitelist off?

every time I personally ask a question, I automatically get rejected

Ok as a host you have to deal with ~300-350 players. In Reddit you deal with <60 players. Imagine every single player in the same position as you... asking questions ect... it is impossible for us to get to every person and post questions are answered in the initial countdown. Just watch this video

a lot of the x-rayers or hackers all round in the community of Badlion are able to slip through the ops fingertips

The Reddit community is what? 6000? On peak times we get about 3000 players on the server at one time, and about 700 of these play the UHCs. At peak times in Reddit games, there will be about 200 players playing meaning a lot less hackers and xrayers will emerge. Furthermore the community size of Badlion is about 12k. Which means we get at least double the amount of xrayers. I will add to this by saying most people on Reddit have more etiquite and therefore a lot less people will xray. My final point about hackers is that G-Cheat has 31280 bans and 45846 bans issued by Badlion's Staff team - these are the exact current figures meaning... We do catch the hackers!

In conclusion I have nothing more to say on this matter. I completely agree with how you concluded but sadly I agree with what Kyle said... I too have been given a LOT amount of hate when I switched over and constantly get spammed and harassed when I actually do play a Reddit game... Things like "Go back to Badlion noob" and stuff make it horrible for me to play Reddit games. I am sad that there has become a rift between Badlion/Reddit and I hope that each communities will give each other less hate with time....

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