UK asks EU for Brexit extension until 30 June

I mean, if we're going beyond May 22nd then the only way the EU are gonna agree is if May agrees that the UK will hold EU Parliamentary elections, in which case she might as well ask for longer because realistically this is not all gonna be resolved by the end of June... but she's been adamant that she doesn't want to do that.

Really we need to hold a general election because May is clearly done for (and hopefully Labour will replace Corbyn as well), we need at least one deal that both the Houses of Parliament and the EU can agree to on the table, and we need a second referendum because clearly whatever deal we end up with is gonna be a far cry from the BS people were sold the first time around and you'd be a fool not to be able to see how profoundly damaging this whole farcical Brexit process has been to this country... but with the way things are going there's no way in hell all that is gonna happen by the end of June.

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