The UK Government demands that the Premier League shows Saturday 3pm matches live on television and free-to-air during lockdown

You're weirdly eager to defend the UK government considering they don't give a damn about whether you live or die.

He's not defending the government, he's correct misinformation or wrongly interpreted information. In fact he even just said there are criticisms to made.

Again, why do people on this platform think like this? It's like you people think that if person A says something about B, but person C corrects what A said then C is coming out in favour of B.

Also, the government absolutely does care whether he lives or dies. Maybe not him as an individual, but at least in general, because even if you take the position that the government is entirely self-serving and selfish (not exactly a controversial or even incorrect point) then out of self-interest they will want as few deaths as possible, because less deaths means less controversy, which means less damage to future elect-ability and it also means a better economy, which again means better chances of reelection.

'Borderline manslaughter' isn't really an appeal-to-emotion like you say it is

Actually, it is, that's the point of evocative language. That's why people who aim to evoke use emotive language, that's why they will say thinks like "Tories MURDERED 200,000 people" rather than "Think tank claims 200,000 deaths are linked to Tory austerity - others criticise said report". One is an appeal to emotion with the use of evocative language, the other is an appeal to reason.

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