UK Music warns of an "alarming drop" in students taking up A-level music

I truly believe it's a symptom of a wider problem.

Children aren't immune to the hearing about the issues of the world and 'getting a good job' is hammered into a lot of them. The astronomical odds of making it as a pop star, which is probably the only music job a lot of inexperienced people will think exists, plus the push towards STEM results in this unsurprising headline.

The rich as ever can do whatever they want, they have spare time and money to try it out without making any commitments to an instrument and private lessons which can be very expensive. This ability to follow a hobby without neglecting a future results in all our musicians (and actors and artists) being posh rich people. And as a result we all suffer. The only music that gets made is love songs because that's the only emotion we have in common with the rich so that's what sells. The likes of Oasis and Blur won't be seen again for a long time until we give our working class kids space to be creative that won't hinder their future.

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